Victoria J. Smith

     As the oldest of five children with parents who went through a lengthy, contentious divorce, I developed an interest in family law. I started out my education with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with minors in Sociology, Education, and Marketing. Upon reaching graduation, I decided that I wanted to pursue law. My friends and family always came to me with their problems, and I seemed to have a knack for helping them resolve said problems.

     I attended law school and became involved with The Student Ambassadors (with the Admissions office), Alternative Dispute Resolution Club, and the Student Bar Association (Transfer/LLM Chair). I graduated Cum Laude and moved to Michigan to start my practice.

     My goal as an attorney is to help individuals in the community obtain legal assistance at an affordable rate. I believe in keeping the client informed and making the legal process as stress-free and painless as possible. I pride myself on my ability to communicate with my clients in a timely manner and I welcome feedback from my clients to improve my practice.

     Another interest of mine is mediation. It provides clients an opportunity to have more say in the outcome of their case(s) and promotes effective communication between the parties. I hope to make mediation a big part of my practice and offer my services to attorneys and individuals within the community.