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Family Law

Dealing with family issues including divorce, child custody and support issues can be very difficult. Under Michigan law, there is no requirement that one partner be found at fault to file for divorce. Overall, once the parties go to court, the final divorce decree may not be issued for up to six months.  Ms. Smith understands how important your life decisions are and how much of a strain a divorce can be.  She can guide you through the entire process.


While divorces are never easy, in some cases, couples are able to agree on a number of issues and only a few are contested such as child custody or support payments. However, in some cases, working together with a mediator, couples are able to work out their differences and do so in a respectful way that allows them to both feel they have resolved their issues in a fair way.


Whether you need help preparing a lease agreement or settling a dispute with your landlord or tenant we can help represent your interests. Tenants and landlords both have rights under Michigan law and we can help ensure you are being treated fairly.


In some cases, during a divorce proceeding, it may be necessary to have a guardian appointed for a child. While the guardian is representing the best interests of the child, they do not have any control over the child during the proceeding; their involvement is simply to represent the child’s best interest.

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Ms. Smith offers a free initial consultation to discuss all aspects of your case before your final decision to move forward.  We're here to address your questions and help you understand your rights under Michigan law.

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